• Fixed bug where manually setting the aesthetic fill=None or fill='None' could lead to a black fill instead of an empty fill.
  • Fixed bug where computed aesthetics could not be used in larger statements. (GH7)
  • Fixed bug in stat_summary where the you got an exception for some types of the x aesthetic values.
  • Fixed bug where ggplot(data=df) resulted in an exception.
  • Fixed missing axis ticks and labels for facet_wrap when the scales are allowed to vary (e.g scales=’free’) between the panels.
  • Fixed bug in stat_density where changing the x limits lead to an exception (:issue: 22)



  • Fixed bug in scale_x_discrete and scale_y_discrete where if they were instantiated with parameter limits that is either a numpy array or a pandas series, plotting would fail with a ValueError.
  • Fixed exceptions when using pandas.pivot_table() for Pandas v0.20.0. The API was fixed.
  • Fixed issues where lines/paths with segments that all belonged in the same group had joins that in some cases were “butted”.

API Changes

  • geom_text now uses ha and va as parameter names for the horizontal and vertical alignment. This is what matplotlib users expect. The previous names hjust and vjust are silently accepted.
  • Layers() can now be used to bundle up geoms and stats. This makes it easy to reuse geoms and stats or organise them in sensible bundles when making complex plots.



First public release