Source code for plotnine.labels

from copy import deepcopy

from .mapping.aes import rename_aesthetics, SCALED_AESTHETICS
from .exceptions import PlotnineError

__all__ = ['xlab', 'ylab', 'labs', 'ggtitle']
VALID_LABELS = SCALED_AESTHETICS | {'caption', 'title'}

[docs]class labs: """ Add labels for aesthetics and/or title Parameters ---------- kwargs : dict Aesthetics (with scales) to be renamed. You can also set the ``title`` and ``caption``. """ labels = {} def __init__(self, **kwargs): unknown = kwargs.keys() - VALID_LABELS if unknown: raise PlotnineError( f"Cannot deal with these labels: {unknown}" ) self.labels = rename_aesthetics(kwargs) def __radd__(self, gg, inplace=False): """ Add labels to ggplot object """ gg = gg if inplace else deepcopy(gg) gg.labels.update(self.labels) return gg
[docs]class xlab(labs): """ Create x-axis label Parameters ---------- xlab : str x-axis label """ def __init__(self, xlab): if xlab is None: raise PlotnineError( "Arguments to xlab cannot be None") self.labels = {'x': xlab}
[docs]class ylab(labs): """ Create y-axis label Parameters ---------- ylab : str y-axis label """ def __init__(self, ylab): if ylab is None: raise PlotnineError( "Arguments to ylab cannot be None") self.labels = {'y': ylab}
[docs]class ggtitle(labs): """ Create plot title Parameters ---------- title : str Plot title """ def __init__(self, title): if title is None: raise PlotnineError( "Arguments to ggtitle cannot be None") self.labels = {'title': title}