Base class for all guides

title : str | None

Title of the guide. If None, title is not shown. Default is the name of the aesthetic or the name specified using lab

title_position : str in ['top', 'bottom', 'left', 'right']

Position of title

title_theme : element_text

Control over the title theme. Default is to use legend_title in a theme.

title_hjust : float

Horizontal justification of title text.

title_vjust : float

Vertical justification of title text.

title_separation : float

Separation between the title text and the colorbar. Value is in pixels.

label : bool

Whether to show labels

label_position : str in ['top', 'bottom', 'left', 'right']

Position of the labels. The defaults are 'bottom' for a horizontal guide and 'right' for a vertical guide.

label_theme : element_text

Control over the label theme. Default is to use legend_text in a theme.

label_hjust : float

Horizontal justification of label text.

label_vjust : float

Vertical justification of label text.

label_separation : float

Separation between the label text and the colorbar. Value is in pixels.

direction : str in ``['horizontal', 'vertical']

Direction of the guide.

default_unit : str

Unit for keywidth and keyheight

override_aes : dict

Aesthetic parameters of legend key.

reverse : bool

Whether to reverse the order of the legends.

order : int

Order of this guide among multiple guides. Should be in the range [0, 99]. Default is 0.


At the moment not all parameters have been fully implemented.