plotnine.qplot(x=None, y=None, data=None, facets=None, margins=False, geom='auto', xlim=None, ylim=None, log='', main=None, xlab=None, ylab=None, asp=None, **kwargs)[source]

Quick plot

x : str | array_like

x aesthetic

y : str | array_like

y aesthetic

data : dataframe

Data frame to use (optional). If not specified, will create one, extracting arrays from the current environment.

geom : str | list

geom(s) to do the drawing. If auto, defaults to 'point' if x and y are specified or 'histogram' if only x is specified.

xlim : tuple

x-axis limits

ylim : tuple

y-axis limits

log : str in {'x', 'y', 'xy'}

Which variables to log transform.

main : str

Plot title

xlab : str

x-axis label

ylab : str

y-axis label

asp : str | float

The y/x aspect ratio.

**kwargs : dict

Arguments passed on to the geom.

p: ggplot

ggplot object