class plotnine.themes.theme_xkcd(base_size=12, scale=1, length=100, randomness=2, stroke_size=4, stroke_color='white')[source]

xkcd theme

base_size : int, optional

Base font size. All text sizes are a scaled versions of the base font size. Default is 12.

scale : float, optional

The amplitude of the wiggle perpendicular to the line (in pixels). Default is 1.

length : float, optional

The length of the wiggle along the line (in pixels). Default is 100.

randomness : float, optional

The factor by which the length is randomly scaled. Default is 2.

stroke_size : float, optional

Size of the stroke to apply to the lines and text paths. Default is 4.

stroke_color : str or tuple, optional

Color of the strokes. Default is white. For no color, use 'none'.