class plotnine.geoms.annotation_logticks(sides: str = 'bl', alpha: float = 1, color: str | tuple[float, ...] = 'black', size: float = 0.5, linetype: str | tuple[float, ...] = 'solid', lengths: TupleFloat3 = (0.036, 0.0225, 0.012), base: float | None = None)[source]

Marginal log ticks.

If added to a plot that does not have a log10 axis on the respective side, a warning will be issued.

sidesstr (default: bl)

Sides onto which to draw the marks. Any combination chosen from the characters btlr, for bottom, top, left or right side marks. If coord_flip() is used, these are the sides after the flip.

alphafloat (default: 1)

Transparency of the ticks

colorstr | tuple (default: 'black')

Colour of the ticks


Thickness of the ticks

linetype'solid' | 'dashed' | 'dashdot' | 'dotted' | tuple

Type of line. Default is solid.

lengths: tuple (default (0.036, 0.0225, 0.012))

length of the ticks drawn for full / half / tenth ticks relative to panel size

basefloat (default: None)

Base of the logarithm in which the ticks will be calculated. If None, the base used to log transform the scale will be used.